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Authentic Learning with Skype

Georgia’s barrier islands are comprised of beautiful sandy beaches, maritime forests, and coastal habitats filled with diverse species – all of which are impacted by a number of pressing environmental issues. During her Changes to Georgia’s Golden Coast unit, Ms. LaRuth Allen wanted her 5th grade students at Brookview Elemenatry School to truly grasp this key understanding about their home state. Yet she faced a major challenge – none of her students had ever seen the barrier islands in person. Through the power of technology, Ms. Allen found a way for her students to connect with the environmental issues at play in Georgia’s barrier islands.
Ms. Allen’s 5th graders began the unit by gathering some basic background information about the barrier islands. Each student then selected a key environmental issue, such as endangered sea turtles, rising sea levels and climate change, or wildlife being in jeopardy due to coastal development. Students used video clips, articles, and websites to…