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Creating Cross-Curricular Learning Opportunities While Personalizing Learning

Studying Space and Space flight incorporates the study of  several disciplines: math, science, geography. Within these disciplines there are multiple subjects that can be studied to gain insight into the space program: measurementplanetsmapsweatherspeed and distanceexercise needshuman bodyenvironmentnutrition...the list goes on. With the many choices within this unit of study, personalizing learning (PL) becomes an easy fit.
In schools that have already chosen one or more Personalized Learning (PL) Principles to focus on, teachers can easily pick one or two to hone in on as they prepare the unit. PL Principles are rarely demonstrated in isolation. Instead the principles are interconnected and overlapping.  If Choice and Voice is a principle area of focus, the options for students to demonstrate their understanding include choice boards, choosing challenging projects based on the student’s interests and ability level, classroom presentations to either their peers or to parents and peer…