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Ideas for Starting a Badging Program at the School Level

Getting teachers to try new technology can be hard. However, implementing a badging program along with incentives is a great way to spark interest for reluctant teachers. While not everyone is driven by the idea of earning a badge or working for that free Starbucks gift card, this can help improve motivation and get more teachers on board. Getting Started Starting a badging program takes time. It is important to have a support system, like the administration (Principal, Assistant Principal, etc.), to back you up. You will want to take time to plan out your school’s badging program so that you will not have hiccups when you are ready to start.
Here are some logistics you will want to work out ahead of time: PurposeGetting to the WHY of your badging programMaking it meaningfulAligning your badging program with school goals or a personalized learning planWhat will the badges look like?How will you create the badges?Will they be digital or paper (or both)?How many badges do you expect tea…
While targeting the personalized learning principles of just in time direct instruction, mastery-based assessments, and varied strategies as well as the Engineering Design Process, this team of teachers implemented an integrated unit that had students and teachers alike pumped for learning!     Classes studied the European Exploration of North America and learned about the different explorers, the obstacles they faced, and their accomplishments.  Taught through a variety of methods including direct instruction, curated digital resources, and student-paced Nearpod lessons. After all of the content had been taught, each class was then responsible for becoming an "expert" on their chosen explorer.  Students demonstrated mastery by creating an artifact of their choosing to be included in the classroom exhibit. Peers collaborated and created digital artifacts using Chatterpix, Sway, PowerPoint, and coding maps using Ozobots with 3D printed boats or thinglink-esque poster present…